About a week or a year behind you!


Just discovered your wooly wanderings and un-wooly thoughts!  Great reading and useful info on overnight stays and chem disposal!  A week behind as we leave Helsinki tomorrow to come up North through the lakes.  A year behind-ish as we have just started week 8 of full time.

We are probably going to overtake you as you are ‘doing’ Scandinavia at a more leisurely pace than us.  I will keep an eye on your blog to see where you are … with Norwegian prices, we may be able to share a thimble full of gin!

Katherine and James



Clunegapyears – the decision

James did it on 25th September and I will tomorrow – Submit resignation. Earlier than I thought as I had planned to see out the academic year but motivation has dropped knowing the end is neigh.
Negative of going off travelling sooner: K earnings and pension contributions. Positives: we can do Scandinavia spring / early summer. James won’t become a house husband and have to learn to cook. We will be happy.